Our 1st VLOG!!!

You asked for it!  Here is mine and Kristi’s (Frugally Thrifty) first VLOG!   We had a ton of fun filming it and hope you enjoy it too.

Discount/salvage grocery stores are located all across the United States and all it takes is a quick Google search of “discount grocery stores (your city)” or “salvage grocery stores (your city)” and you should be able to locate at least one in your area. These stores actually purchase product from larger stores at deep discount because the product may be dented, box may be damaged (smashed), or close to their expiration date.

When they purchase these products at their discounted price, then they are able to bring those products to their stores for some serious savings.

6 tips for shopping discount/salvage stores include:

  1. check expiration dates

  2. make sure you are ok with dented or damaged packaging

  3. have an idea of what you are looking for

  4. take your price book (or as Kristi and I do it, your “photographic memory” price book 🙂

  5. ask if they except coupons

  6. ask if they give a better price when you buy in bulk

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Great First Job VAnna I and Vanna II!


I love it girls… kudos!


Loved it girls. My sister lives in Orlando & I used to go to 2 of them in that area when I visited her. There are none in my area but I would stock up when I went to visit her. Keep up the good work.


You guys are super cute. Great job.. Love the accent!
I am a big advocate of scratch and dent stores.

Shannon @ For The Mommas

Ira - Corpus Christi, Texas

Lights, Camera, Action

Excellent Vlog! Truly enjoyed the video. Both of you looked so much at ease – like you had been doing Vlogs for years. Great information and savings opportunities. Hope that we can see more Vlogs in the future. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, and you have a captured the reality of real time savings.

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