Old Navy Weekly: Updates Today

September 24, 2009

Just a reminder that Old Navy Weekly is updating sometime today through tomorrow morning. I will update you with any new info and the hiding spots once it’s active.

UPDATE: As promised, here are the hiding spots from last nights reset.

$75 off of $100 – Move the mannequin in the blue sweater to the center, pick up the A to the right of the white sweater and put it on the chest of the blue sweater. (No longer available)

$50 off of $100 – There are 4 stars in the center picture that move. Move them all over the 4 in “Wear it 4 ways.” (No longer available)

20% off – Move the dotted line under Wear it 4 Ways to the dotted link over Letters to the Editor.

$10 off of $50 – Click the bottom right star a question pops up ” Who is Enrique’s and Eva’s Daughter, answer Rita.

15% off entire purchase – Put the mannequin in the gray and white striped sweater in the center, click on the zipper of her right boot, it will unzip.

10% off of your sweater purchase – Move the mannequin in the brown sweater to the center, move the green necklace to the green sweater on the right.

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