Naked Juice Class Action Settlement for $45 Without Proof of Purchase

nakedjuiceDue to a proposed class action settlement involving Naked Juice products (now owned by Pepsi) allows you to get $45 with no proof of purchase required. If you bought an eligible Naked Juice product any time from September 27, 2007, to August 19, 2013, you could get up to $75 with proof of purchase or up to $45 without proof of purchase from a proposed class action settlement.

Just complete this Naked Juice Online Claim Form and submit it by December 17, 2013.

How to Get up to $45 with No Proof of Purchase

If you purchased any of the products listed below and do not have proof of your purchases, you may submit a claim form before the deadline and be eligible for the following:

If You Spent: = You Could Receive a Maximum of:

  • $45.01 or more = $45
  • $35.01 to $45 = $35
  • $25.01 to $35 = $25
  • $15.01 to $25 = $15
  • $10.01 to $15 = $10
  • $0.01 to $10 = $5

So you have to submit a claim for $45.01 or more in Naked Juice purchases to get the full $45.

Eligible Products Include:

Açaí Machine (formerly known as Purple Machine and Rain Forest Açaí)
Apple Cranberry
Berry Blast (formerly known as Berry Blast Well Being)
Berry Probiotic
Berry Veggie (formerly known as Berry Veggie Machine)
Black and Blueberry (formerly known as Black and Blueberry Rush)
Blue Machine
Chai Spiced Cider
Cherry Pomegranate (formerly known as Cherry Pomegranate Power)
Citrus Lemongrass (Reduced Calorie) (formerly known as Citrus Lemongrass)
Gold Machine
Green Machine
Lychee (Reduced Calorie)
Mango Veggie
Mighty Mango (formerly known as Mighty Mango Well Being)
Orange Carrot
Orange Mango (formerly known as Orange Mango Motion)
Organic Carrot
Peach Guava (Reduced Calorie)
Peach Mangosteen (formerly known as Peach Mangosteen Bliss)
Pomegranate (formerly known as Plentiful Pomegranate)
Pomegranate Açaí
Pomegranate Blueberry
Power-C Machine (formerly known as Power-C)
Probiotic Tropical Mango
Protein Zone
Protein Zone Banana Chocolate
Protein Zone Double Berry
Protein Zone Mango
Red Machine
Strawberry Banana (formerly known as Strawberry Banana C and Strawberry Banana Well Being)
Strawberry Kiwi (formerly known as Strawberry Kiwi Kick)
Tangerine Scream
Tropical (Reduced Calorie) (formerly known as Tropical C and Tropical)
Watermelon Chill

A site you may want to check out to see if you have any more settlement claims is It is a free service and has no catch that we could find.

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