Meal Maker Challenge: (1) Combo Loco = (2) Meals

August 4, 2010

Ok so I’m really trying to get this whole Vlogging deal down and so far I think it’s getting me down! I had 2 other clips from my trip to HEB this morning and for whatever reason my computer refuses to connect the sound once I’ve uploaded them to You Tube.

Like I mention in the Video I did the Combo Loco Meal I told you about here. Since the bag of chicken has 9 pieces you can easily feed a family of 4 twice. The combo came with salad mix, the rolls and a deal of pasta/rice. You can saute/grill up the chicken, add some garden veggies to the salad mix and you have a tasty, healthy, quick and easy meal to please!

For the second meal of this combo prepare your chicken and rice/pasta as desired. Whip up some veggies. Warm up the rolls and your in business again!

The chicken cost right under $10. Not bad feeding a family of 4 twice for under $10 huh?

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Thanks for the video! I skipped the meal deal this week as I just couldn’t bring myself to pay the premium for individually frozen chicken breasts.


I love the videos. Way to show us how it’s done!~


I did the combo Loco deal too! CRAZY!!! 🙂

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