Mama Bears Sign Review & Giveaway: CLOSED

If your baby could talk what would he/she say?  Something like:  “Your germs are too big for me, please don’t touch.” That’s just what the makers of Mama Bears signs thinks.  I couldn’t agree more either.

How many times are you out and about and some stranger comes up making over your little one and grabbing at their little fingers saying how precious and tiny they are?  Well they are right, they are precious and tiny and not up for battling stranger cooties!

Use this Kind Sign to hang on your strollers, carseats, slings and so forth to kindly let others know that their distance is appreciated.  These are easy to attach, and clean. Who could ask for anything more? These awesome little signs are on the top of my “must purchase for baby shower gifts” list.

Blue Kind Sign

“ is a website devoted to providing both moms and dads with unique products that can be helpful in the parenting journey. The first product, Kind Signs, are signs that are meant to provide your baby with a voice. These signs assist in telling strangers to respect your child’s space. The signs can be placed on strollers, car seats, bassinets, cribs and even shopping carts. “

Orange Kind Sign

Here’s a little about

“As new parents and even for seasoned parents, it’s not always easy to ask others to not touch your child. We use the alibi of not wanting to spread germs as a deterrent but the truth of the matter is that as parents we really aren’t that keen on anyone other than family members touching our children. In this current environment of the swine flu being of major concern for children specifically, it warrants a reminder to all to remember the rule we all learn as youngsters and that being of “look with your eyes not with your hands.”

Pink Kind Sign

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