Make Money 2010: Update

moneybag.jpg money bags image by larryfolson

I decided that this year I would  not only keep track of money spent but also money made.  Yes we all get our totals come tax season but I thought it would be interesting to see the running totals.  See where I’m benefiting the most.

While many of you may find this to very personal info or even questionable as to why I would want to share I think it’s very beneficial.  To those just starting out blogging this gives them a heads up of what companies work me and possibly for them too.  For those looking to pick up a couple extra bucks online, the same principle follows.

Totals also include that which was under threshold from 2009 and was not paid then.

Ebay: $70

Logical Media: $221

My Savings: $83

Commission Junction: $28.40

Link Share: $0.48

Mystery Shopping: $18

Juice Box Jungle: $140.16

(email and mention Pinch That Penny when signing up.)

Google AdSense: $112.17

Independently Paid Ads on Pinch That Penny: $220

Frugal Fellowship Coupon Class Online: $37.50 $49

Shop It To Me Gift Cards: $10

Cashbaq: $7

Ebates: $28.15

Sponsored Tweets: $12

Alice: $1.48

You Data: $3.22

Swagbucks: 198 swagbucks + 1 $5 gift card

Mail in Rebates: $25

Total: $1091.56
-10% Tithe $109.15

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