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For those in the Houston are you know we have had some of the most beautiful weather today.  It’s always nice when it rains cats and dogs.  Makes for a wonderful laundry day.

I’m sure my FedEx Man was so excited when he went out in this mess to bring me my mystery box today.   “Mystery box?” you say.  For those who keep up on FB and Twitter you will know that I was chosen to be part of Verizon Wirelesses new Ambassador Program.  My first product for review was scheduled for deliviery today.

We were not told of what we were getting.  Truth be told, I was REALLY hoping for an Apple product.  I’ve had DROIDs since they first came out and am frankly over them. We will get into that debacle later.  Any who, we were given 2 clues through out the day yesterday as to what we were be reviewing.

Such clues were:

  • #1: The device you’re getting definitely didn’t overindulge during the holidays. It’s thin. Really thin.
  • #2:  Your device is super strong…kind of like a Gorilla!

Naturally with the first clue I thought it was the new DROID RAZR.  But haven’t followed some tweets after the secound clue we thought maybe it could be the new XYBoard.

I ripped open the box and there it was….the new DROID RAZR.  My first impression was it sure was sleek looking, and yes, thin.  Like I said before I’ve had several DROIDs; the original Droid, DROID X, DROID X2 and now The Incredible.  The set up and functionality of it as first glance is very similar to that of the previously owned models.

Over the next 3 months I will be testing this little phone out and putting the test to it.  You can follow all of my experience on Twitter by using the hash tag #VZWA.

Do you have the RAZR?  I’d love to hear your thoughts as well.Verizon  Ambassador


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