Kroger Trippin’

September 26, 2009

Hello Juice! My family LOVES Welch’s Aqua Juice so you can imagine my excitement to find it clearnaced out at Kroger! Was $3.95 now $1.19! PLUS I have $0.75 and $1 Qs!

Needed the cuc $1.25 (yes I know highway robbery)

Pasta was $1.39 w/ $0.50 q that doubled.

Hair dye was clearance to $2 with $2 q.

Total was $31.94 OOP $7.10 Saved $24.84 or 78%

This trip was part of the Mega Event going on. I also FINALLY got to use my rain check for the Hefty Zip bags. (10/$10 with $1/2 q) They have been out forever!

Buitoni was free after $1.

Dawn was clearanced and with $1 mailer coupon was $0.49.

Kraft Dressing was free after $1.50.

Bounty was $0.25 after $0.25 q trp.

Lunch meat was $1.49 but was advertised for $2.49. I didn’t have a q so that $1 made up for it! Pink reusable bag was $0.99.

Charmin was $1.88 was $1 mailer & $0.25 loadable.

Total $46.10 OOP $12.16 Saved $33.94 or 74%

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