I am in L-O-V-E with a Shark!

I recently was in the market for a new vacuum.  We have laminate wood floors in the main living and wet area and Berber style  carpet in the bedrooms.  We did have a pretty decent standard vacuum as well as a Swiffer.

These worked fine for a while. I used the Swiffer on the wood floors and other on the carpet and rugs. Then I started having to use one to pick up after the other one.  Use can guess next they both just stopped picking anything up altogether.  SUPER! Now I need Product Image Shark Folding Handle Floor/Carpet Sweeper - Lavender   (VX3)2 new vacuums!  Or so I thought.

I had been watching the commercials for this Shark Vacuum and was just amazed by it’s supposed capabilities. I thought this is probably was out of my price range. Well of to Lowes went the baby, me and out budget.

What was waiting for me there with a nice sale price sticker on it? MY SHARK! Under budget and everything! I grabbed that bad boy up and off we went.  After putting it together and reading the directions (yes I seriously did read them) I was a bit let down. I had to charge it for 24hrs before the first use!  UGHH…. Well needless to say 24hrs later exactly I fired that sucker up!

Boys and girls I am telling you there isn’t anything that’s I’ve ran over that my Shark won’t pic up!  It’s amazing! The stick bents to go under the couch, the tray empties with the push of a button and the house is clean!  Just one vacuum gets all of my house clean in one trip!  No cords to plug in, no setting to adjust, no bags to mess with.

The battery last me about a week with vacuuming everyday sometimes twice. The key to this little machine is letting the battery run completely down before charging.Product Image Shark Folding Handle Floor/Carpet Sweeper - Lavender  (VX3)Try one out for yourself.  You can get one for $68.99 SHIPPED  on Amazon.com or for $59.99 (plus shipping) at Target.com Cash in some Swagbucks, get a gift card for either site and order your Shark today!

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Yes there is!


Can you change the setting when you vacuum the carpet? Like High for Carpet and low for laminate floor? My current vacuum frays the edges of the rugs in my son’s playroom if I vacuum them on a low setting.

The hose on my vacuum has a rip in it so I am looking for a new vacuum. Does this have a hose attachment?

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