How to Take Your Family Away for Less in the New Year

If you’ve got the post-Christmas blues, a winter break may be just what you need, but we all know it’s not that simple. Money is often tight after December’s festivities, and when January comes knocking, a holiday seems like nothing more than a very distant dream. The new year doesn’t have to be about all work and no play though, and these handy hints are designed to help you take your family away for less. Izzy – a PassSmart blogger – is always planning her next thrifty holiday, and is here to share her best bits of money-saving advice.


It’s not always possible to take the kids away outside of school holidays, but if you can get a few days away during the week, you’ll get a much better price. On top of the financial benefits, there will be less crowds and more opportunities to meet the locals. By avoiding the scorching summer months you’ll be able to do more exploring without feeling sticky, uncomfortable and worn out by midday!

Stay close to home

We’ve got into the habit of associating holidays with jetting off abroad, but you don’t have to be miles away from home to enjoy your vacation. The best places are sometimes right under our noses, so why not do a bit of research about towns, villages and cities within driving distance? You’ll save money by not dishing out on air fares and you won’t have to hire a car when you get there.

Use price comparison sites

Don’t book with the first price you find. It may be tempting to go with a company which organizes everything for you, but you’ll end up paying more for the convenience factor. Instead, search price comparison sites for the very best deals. You may get the best price by booking accommodation and flights separately, and don’t rule out contacting the accommodation directly.

Go self-catering

Self-catering lodges and apartments are great options, especially if you’re driving. Save money by bringing food and toiletries with you instead of buying them there. Do your normal weekly grocery shop – minus the perishables – and load up the trunk with it. By doing your normal shop at home, you won’t go spend-crazy in the shops whilst you’re in holiday mode. You could also ear mark one or two evenings to eat out on. Find a local restaurant to dine in, as big chains usually have inflated prices.

You’ll also save money – and earn eco-points – by taking a few reusable flasks and refilling them with water daily. Stay hydrated and keep the pennies in your pocket.

Utilize public transport in cities

It’s tempting to hop in a taxi when you’re in a new city trying to find your way around, but public transport is often a lot cheaper. In big cities, public transport can be the most efficient way to get from A to B, as long as you know where you want to go. Get a map of the area or ask an information bureau which bus or tram you need to reach your destination. Depending on what city you’re in, fares should be pretty reasonable and – unlike with taxis – you won’t have to watch the meter run up if you get stuck in traffic.

These tips were brought to you by Izzy Guarella. Izzy writes for and loves nothing more than finding bargain travel deals!

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