Hot Buys and Huge Savings in January

I’ve been looking for that magic list of when you should buy what to save the most and not had any luck until this morning.  I was going through my RSS like any other morning and came across this post from Bargain Blessings.

The items you should be purchasing this month (January for those who are still hitting the snooze) to save the most are as follows.


January also marks the time for electronics conventions. The newest, latest greatest gadgets will begin to be released and just like cars nobody wants last years models still sitting around. Rumor has it the iPhone 5 will be coming in July!

Linens & Misc Household Items:

January marks the white sales events at most retailers. Be sure to check out places like Macy’s for higher end items at rock bottom prices. My MIL found a $2,000 King Mattress for only $795!

Toys, Bikes & ATVs:

If you haven’t noticed already, most stores (like Target) are clearancing out tons of toys. They over order (or under order in the LeapPad case this year) and need to make room for the next season batch of goods. I’ve stocked my gift closet several times with the great savings found this month. If you don’t see anything you just have to have right now be on the lookout in July for another toy clearance. (i.e. getting ready for Christmas once again)

Homes, Remodeling & Utilites:

With the market the way it is right now should be a great time to move. Each state/city does vary but for those where the market’s been hit hard, you should be able to grab a deal. New Years resolutions bring lots of honey due lists too. Check into having someone with experience (and licences) to tackle some of that list. Winter is always a slower time for my husbands business and I know they appreciate every job they get! For those in areas like Houston you know in a few months we will be cranking up the A/C again. Why not have it serviced or even replaced now. I’ve had to have our service in August and the wait time was ridiculous. Knock it out now and not only save time but a few bucks too!

Winter Clothing:

It always amazes me how quickly stores start hauling in the swim suits after Christmas. Now is the best time to start grabbing up new coats, pants, boots, mittens etc. Think ahead when it comes to the kiddos. What size should they be next year? Try to keep away from trendy items and those with characters on them.

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