Hidden Coupons in Sunday’s Parade and Kroger Flyer


There are quite a few hidden coupons in your Sunday newspapers this weekend.  I have compiled a list for you all below of the extra coupons you will see and their location:

Parade Magazine
Keebler Wheatables Nut Crisps Crackers – $1/1 (exp. 5/30/10) – each of mine had this coupon

Polident Product – $1/1 (exp. 4/4/10)- only 1 of mine had this coupon in it

Kroger Savings Flyer
Kroger Brand Healing Lotion with Aloe (14 oz) – $1/1 (exp. 4/11/10)

Kroger Brand Vitamin D 2000 (200 ct) – (exp. 4/12/10)

Kroger Brand Fish Oil 1000mg (400 ct) – (exp. 4/11/10)

*The following are also listed on the Kroger Savings Flyer, but they do not specify that they are only valid@ Kroger*

Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner – $1/1 (exp. 5/10/10)

Glade Relaxing Moments Candle or Scented Oil Refill – $1/1 (exp. 5/30/10)

Seed by Soy Inspirations Soy Candle – $1/1 (exp. 5/31/10)

Dannon Danimals Coolision or Dan-o-nino – $/.55/1 (exp. 4/20/10)

Starbucks Coffee (12 oz bag) – $1/1 (exp. 4/30/10)

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