Getting Ready for Miss Priss with a Little Dreft Help

We are getting down to the wire, Miss Priss will be here any day now. While I finish up my last minute preparations I have a bit of laundry to finish up for here.  Washing crib bedding, clothes, blankets and the coming home outfit are just a few items in her basket.

What better way to take care of these items than with one of the most trusted brand in baby laundry care, Dreft.  Of course in the end it doesn’t really matter what baby comes home in but it’s funny how much time we can obsess over it.

I received several adorable outfits that I thought “Oh this is it!” But for the most part I’m still undecided.  My mom even brought me one of my infant dresses as a choice.  I’m not so sure about using it just yet though. It may be an outfit for some of her newborn pictures though.

Until I decided what I’m doing with it, in the pink pile it goes to be cared for with Dreft.

About Dreft:

Whether you’re a first timer or the greatest, grandest mother of them all, there’s one thing moms have agreed on for over 75 years—Dreft makes your little one’s fabrics feel as clean and soft as can be. Specially formulated to be gentle on baby’s skin and tough on stains, washing baby clothes in Dreft is as gentle as washing in water. And just when you thought footsie pjs couldn’t get any cozier.

*This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Dreft. Please review my disclosure policies with your concerns.