FRUGAL DIY: Homemade Fabric Softener

February 21, 2012

One of the items I’m always trying to get an awesome deal on is my Downy Fabric Softener. I’ve tried the other brands but just LOVE the smell of Downy. After findig this DIY project from The Frugal Girls on Pinterest, I may just give it a whirl.

Items You Need:

  1. 6 cups HOT water
  2. 3 cups white vinegar
  3. 2 cups Suave Refreshing Waterfall Conditioner {or other favorite scent}

How To Do It:

  1. Mix conditioner & hot water well, until conditioner is dissolved completely.
  2. Add the vinegar, and mix well.
  3. Store in a large container {empty fabric softener container, empty large vinegar bottle, etc}
  4. Pour into a downy ball… or use approx. 2 tbsp. in the fabric softener spot in your laundry machine… then wash!

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I just whipped up a batch. Got a load in the washer now. I’ll keep you posted on the turnout!

Kelly B

Awesome. I am definitely going to give this a try. I make my own laundry detergent now and I have used vinegar as a softener, but I miss that sweet smell. This will be great. Thanks!

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