Couponing Myths BUSTED!

Myth #1:  Coupons take TOO much time.

Wrong – o!  Couponing takes as much time as you give it.  You can spend as little as an hour a week and still slash your grocery bill!  You can spent hours and still not save a ton too.  There are some people who get overwelhmed with couponing, over think and over complicate the system.  For them we have coupon bloggers!  Simply visit the sites that offer coupon match ups for stores in your area.  Not sure where to look?  Visit BeCentsable or Briana’s Frugal Map to find the stores covered by bloggers in your area.

Myth #2: Coupons are only for cheap processed foods.

Negative ghost writer.  Over the past year I have seen coupons for produce, fresh meats, and more.  You have to keep your eye for them though. They don’t come around as often ad the others but they are still out there.  If you have access to  Super Target you will surely get some for there by going here.

Myth #3: I can’t buy my normal brands with coupons.

I have seen coupons for almost every product A-Z some place or another.  There are certain brands that circulate more often than others, yes.  If you can’t find a coupon for the brand you are searching for try the companies website.  Most of the time they have a few on there that you can print off.  If you still don’t have any luck, email the company.  I have received all sorts of coupons from FREE item – $ off.  Some have even sent actual free products to my door!

Myth #4: Coupons are for poor people.

I tend to get offended at this comment.  It is actually the couponer who is the rich one.  We are wise enough to save every penny we can and not be wasteful!  Actually there have been studies done that report most couponers are middle income families, most having been college educated!  They say that it’s because of better access to the internet, newspaper subscriptions and such.

Myth #5: You have to clip SO MANY coupons.

You honestly don’t have to clip a one until you are headed out. You can file all of your couopns and just clip the ones you need for your list.  Most bloggers have a date and type listed next to each coupon on their deal lists.  This is so you can refer back to your files and grab only the ones you need.

Myth#6: Generic/Store Brands are cheaper.

Actual this is part truth.  The store or generic brands are most often cheaper than the regular price of a branded item. HOWEVER, when you stack, sales,coupons and loyalty cards or even mail in rebates, generics will never be cheaper.  Generics are what you would buy if you HAD to purchase that item and were couponless that day.

Myth #7 Wal-Mart is always cheaper so why bother w/ coupons.

This is basically the same deal as generics.  Wal-Mart and other “always low” stores should be your source when you just have to have something that you know isn’t cheaper anywhere else.

Part II to be continued…

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Oh that must be so nice! I used to be near a Harris Teeter that doubled up to a dollar. They only do up to $0.50 here 🙁

Jodie R.

Yes, yes, yes! I only use my coupons when the item’s on sale and costs less than the generic. If the generic is cheaper, I’ll buy the generic. Around here, almost everyone (except Walmart) doubles coupons under a dollar. That helps too! Those 75c coupons are worth $1.50 off 🙂

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