Couponing 101 Part 8: How to Stockpile & at What Prices

When you find deals on FREE or dirt cheap items stock up! This is only good for items that will not expire before use or ones that can be frozen. Stock items you know you will use. Toiletries, cleaners, pantry items, and frozen foods are great for stocking. You might spend a bit more now but will save tons later!

– There was a coupon a while back for $5 off Huggies diapering products and Target had the big packs of wipes on sale for $5.49 so I bought as many as I could for $.49 each! Can I just tell you we have enough wipes until the baby is potty trained!

-There was a sale for Gillette Razor kits and with coupons and several transactions I bought 20 razor kits for around $20.Plus I still ended up with $10 in Target gift cards. So REALLY it was like get 20 for $10! Who doesn’t need razors? Especially at this price? Why kits and not refills? Simple. It’s cheaper this way. Refills run about $15 for an eight count. Do the math for yourself it’s cheaper this way I promise.

When you stock up make sure your getting it the cheapest you can.  Stockpiles usually last 4-6 months at a time.  Sale rotations run every 6-8 weeks.  Most all items can be frozen with the exceptions of a few dairy and produce items.  Here is a great list of what you can expect to pay for standard stockpile items.


Milk: $1.75 or less

Cheese: $1.98 per lb.

Butter 1 lb: $0.99 or less

Chocolate Chips: $0.99 or less

Ground Beef: $1.75 per lb.

Chicken Breast: $1.67 or less

Chicken Quarters, Legs, Thighs : $0.65 per lb or less

Yogurt: $0.25 each or less per cup

Soda 12 packs: $1.99 or less

Soda 2 liter: $0.50 or less

Kraft Mac & Cheese: $0.40 or less per box

Juice 64 oz: $0.85 or less

Tortillas: $0.30 or less per package

Bisquick $0.90 or less

Oatmeal: $0.75 or less

Granola Bars: $0.50 or less

Fruit Snacks: $0.50 or less

Brownie/Cake/Cookie Mixes: $0.50 or less

Cereal: $0.75 or less per box

Ketchup: $0.25 or less

Mustard: FREE

Salad Dressing: FREE

Seasonings FREE

Popcorn Singles 3 count: $0.50 per box

Frozen Veggies: $0.25 each or less

Spaghetti Sauce: $0.50 each or less

Pasta Noddles: $0.25 or less per package


Razors: FREE

Tooth Paste: FREE

Tooth Brushes: FREE

Dish Soap: $0.35 or less

Hand Soap: FREE

Band aids: $0.50 per box

Sandwich Bags: $0.50 or less per box

Feminine Pads: FREE

Cheap Body Washes: $0.50 or less

Body Washes: $1.00 or less

Deodorant: FREE$0.50 each

Ban or Suave Deodorant:

Cheap Toilet Paper: FREE

Lysol Wipes: $0.50 or less

Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaners: $0.50 or less

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