Budget 2010:Updated

Part of my new years resolution is to keep track of all of my grocery purchases.  I want to see where I spend/save the most money.  I encourage you to do the same. Each Saturday I will post an updated list.

Let me also explain that my budgeting includes items purchased for my family of four and  items donated.  I’m in the process of starting a food pantry at our church and will be funding the start up myself.

While they are cheap, we are not a convenience food family.  I attended culinary school during my college years and am more than handy in the kitchen which eliminates are need for such “warm and serve” type  meals. Our family eats mostly fresh items including lots of organic meats and veggies, therefore coupons or not our grocery bill tends to be a bit higher than other couponers.

Grocery/Drugstore Total:
Spent: $1135.26
Saved: $2382.92 or 68%
Rewards: $187.24

Spent: $454.56
Saved: $792.11 or 64%
CATs Earned: $48.75

Spent: $64
Saved $307.14 or 83%
ECBs Earned: $59.99

Spent: $91.69
Saved: $416.84 or 82%
RRs Earned : $21

Brookshire Brothers:
Spent: $35
Saved: $23.15 or 40%

Spent: $111.26
Saved: $378.50 or 77%
CATs Earned: $2.50

Spent: $287.48
Saved: $622.91 or 68%
Gift Cards earned: $55

Spent: $39.78
Saved:$47.89 or 55%


Spent: $51.49
Saved: $42.40 or 45%

Gifts, clothing and misc. Spent:

Spent: $188
Saved: $628.02 or 77%

Total spent on coupons: $41.90

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