Budget 2010: Updated

Part of my new years resolution is to keep track of all of my grocery purchases.  I want to see where I spend/save the most money.  I encourage you to do the same. Each Saturday I will post an updated list.  I think it will be neat to see what stores work for different people in different parts of the country.

Right now I’m not too happy with my %, however, I had almost drained  most of my stockpile the end of last year.  Rebuilding is in progress and a little better strategized I think.  I’m still purchasing items for donations and for family members just with a different monetary goal.

Grocery/Drugstore Total:
Spent: $4535.95
Saved: $950.42 or 66%
Rewards: $41.99

Spent: $317.97
Saved: $431.05 or 58%
CATs Earned: $5

Spent: $32
Saved $107.32 or 77%
ECBs Earned: $30.49

Spent: $40.69
Saved: $200.96 or 83%
RRs Earned : $4

Brookshire Brothers:
Spent: $13.31

Spent: $35.37
Saved: $114.94 or 76%
CATs Earned: $2.50

Spent: $56.74
Saved: $48.56 or 46%

Spent: $39.78
Saved:$47.89 or 55%


Spent: $
Saved: $

Gifts, clothing and misc. Spent:

Spent: $86.75
Saved: $299.25 or 78%

Total spent on coupons: $31.90

How have you been doing with your budget this year?  Do you know which store saves you  the most money?

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This one was listed on Craigslist. You should be able to find a better list in the legal notices section of your paper. You can also just call the facilities and ask when they are. There are a couple around here that do them on a regular basis. Watch for my post Tuesday about how to “shop” these auctions.


Where does one find out about these auctions???

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