Bright & White or Not So Quite…#Cbias

September 12, 2011

Recently I was asked to share my experience with teeth whiting products and also to go try a new one.  I first must admit to you that I am an ex-smoker and a current coffee drinking mama.  When I quite smoking a few years back I told my husband that when I reached my 1 year mark I was going to get my teeth bleached.  My brother in law so happens to be a dentist and offered to make some customized whiting trays for me.  SA-WEET!  Free is right up my alley!

The trays are the BOMB!  With in just 3 uses my teeth were SO much whiter than they every were before.  After a couple weeks you could tell a huge difference.  Don’t get me wrong I didn’t have yuck mouth before they just were a little stained up.  I had tried the strips and trays you get from the store and they didn’t do a thing.  Or at least so I could tell. Dr. B also said they weren’t really worth it either.  they may remove new stains but not those that were set in.

When I asked to try a new whiting product I was excited.  It has been a few years since I had tried anything from the store.  After reading numerous boxes I picked Colgate Optic White.  This product claims to have visible results in just one week and produce the same results as using the strips.

You can view my detailed experience in the show below.

After using this product I have decided that it will not replace my current teeth whiting or regular care plan.  I did not see any changes by using the toothpaste alone.  My kids will obviously not use it since it’s “spicy”.


This post has been spoored in part by Collective Bias.  All experiences and opinions are my families own and where not swayed by compensation.  You may read my Disclosure Policies with your concerns.

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You typed suing…not using…lol. I thought OMG she is suing the company, she was so unhappy with the results.

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