Blogging 101: Reader Questions Part 2


Blogging 101: Reader Questions Part 2

It’s a really funny thing about blog reviews and giveaways.  Readers like them and love them when they win.  Bloggers either love them or hate them.

I’m not going to lie.  There was a time when I fall closer to the hate them end.  Let’s face it they are time consuming, and if it’s not something of significant worth the readers won’t enter.  I’ve polled it before and most readers want to win something that they wouldn’t not normally purchase themselves, could give as a gift or a gift card.

When I first started blogging I asked all over the place for anybody to send me anything to giveaway.  Giveaway’s do draw a “crowd”. I never considered the fact that this crowd would be, for the most part,  gone once the giveaway was.  Also, didn’t consider how much time I would spend ingeneral.

  • Review the products.
  • Writting up the givewawy post.
  • Sharing on various social media outlets.
  • Picking a winner.
  • Emailing them that they won after they didn’t see it on my blog b/c, hello they don’t really read it.
  • Email fullfillment company with winner information along with thank you letter for allowing me to host the giveaway/try the product.

Not too long after I started blogging I received contact from various brands, companies asking for me to review/giveaway their products.  This was great!  They picked me! While at the time some of the giveaways seems mediocre and hardly no one entered them, I have developed some lasting relationships that now have turning into more than I ever imagined.

Now that I’ve reached a certain point in my blogging I am quite a bit more picky about what I giveaway or review.  I always ask myself three questions.

  1. “Is this going to be beneficial of my time?”
  2. “Would I want to win this?”
  3. “What will the readers gain from this?”

If you have a question you’d like to see answered please contact me.


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