Blogging 101: Reader Questions Part 1


Blogging 101: Reader Questions Part 1

As a blogger not only do I receive questions about deals, coupons, and frugal living but also ones pertaining to blogging itself.  While blogging may seem like a dream job, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Today’s question is: Does bloggin take a lot of time?

Quick answer: Yes and No.

And here’s why.  Like with many things you do in life, the more you are willing to put into it the more you are willing to get out of it.   There are some days where I can sit here all day and and some days just do  not allow for it.  You have to prioritize: family or blogging.  I choose family everytime.  You can take on blogging as a hobby or as a career.  The choice is yours so be ready to concume yourself with it if you pick the later of the too.

Here’s a look at a typical morning for me.

6:30 AM: Coffee, email check, daily deal check and begin posting by 7AM

7AM-8AM: Posting and scheduling out the day in between getting the chitlins up, dress, breakfast….etc

8AM: Drop Mr T off to school by 8:15AM

8:30AM- 10:30AM:  Checking out deals, continuation of emailing, checking stats from the day before. Laundry, wrestling Miss Thing’s toys from the dog. Making shopping list for errand run later.

10:30-11:30AM: Get presentable to leave the house for real this time, make lunch arrangments, follow ups on emails, social networking messages and trying to get out the door.

11:30-2:30PM: Lunch, Errands, run groceries back to the house before getting Mr T from school.

3:30PM: Grab T from School and head home for play date.

*All the meanwhile I’m still checking emails and posting hot deals as they pop up.

5:30PM: Start dinner, finish laundry, drop notes on writing pieces (like this).

6:30PM: Baths, homework, ….

8PM: Kids are in bed and now it’s adult TV time wohoo! My brain officially shuts down and picks back up the next morning.


One of the most important deciding facors in how much time you will spend blogging is this; content.  What is your blog about? Is the information you are putting out there time sensitive?  If you are a deal blogger then yes you will basically be glued to your computer.  If you are a craft, recipes, lifesytle, sports etc blogger you have a lot more play with your time and how you spend it.

If you have a question you’d like to see answered please contact me.

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