Blogging 101: Incorporating Social Media


Blogging 101: Incorporating Social Media

One of the biggest hings I’ve had to learn or get used to in this whole blogging deal is social media.  I had never heard of anything other than MySpace before starting my blog.  Two years later I’m still learning the ropes, trying to make adjustments and stay up to speed.

I will be the first to admit I am still not a huge fan of all the Social Media Outlets but I do see how they play a role in the scheme of things.  I understand why people like them and see how companies benefit from them.  Now if I were completely out of the blogging scene would I have a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ account?  Probably not.   But since they do play a role we must figure them out.

Twitter is a great outlet for brands and companies to generate quick chatter about their product or campaign.  It’s a simple “one liner” that incorporates hastags as conversation connectors.  When you set up your Twitter account try to make your name as close to your blog as possible.

For Frugal Reality:

By the time I decided to try Twitter out frugalreality was already taken. I tried several other alternatives but ended up with 1frugalreality.  It works, it’s simple and easy to remember.

Facebook has pages.  You can set them up for companies, websites, blog, etc.  This is another way of getting your blog post our there to another audience.  Most all smartphones are Facebook capable.  While some of your readers may not have internet access during the day they do have their phones and can see your updates.  The best tutorial I’ve scene for Facebook was written by my friend Heather of Freebies4Mom

LinkedIn is one that while I do have it set up I don’t completely get it.  This site seems to me to be more of a business card or resume type of site.

Google+ is a fairly new outlet with many characteristics of Facebook. I would recommend operating it the same as Facebook should you decide to take it on as well.

With all the things that come with blogging you must always take things slow so that you don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out.  Attempt one social media outlet at a time until you get the hang of it and take on more.

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