Blogging 101: How to Monetize Your Blog


Blogging 101: How to Monetize Your Blog

This may come to some of you as a shock but yes, some bloggers do make some money.  A few select bloggers make a substantial amount while most bloggers make nothing or really close to it.  It all really boils down to content and dedication.  Items we will get to in later sessions.

I blogged for well over a year before I even had a clue that you could make money.  I was reading on of my favorite blogs and she posted something very similar to this.  I about fell out of my chair.  I thought to myself ” I can make money doing something I love and am already doing? Are they for real?”   My father in law is always sayign “Find something you love to do and then find someone to pay you to do it.”   Ijust knew this was my lucky day!

Extremely over excited I signed up for everything!  If they looked like they’d pay me I was clicking away.   While it sounds like a no brainier I really wasn’t using my brain about it.  I will be the first to admit it, I jump the gun on  a lot of my endeavors.  I am horrible about not reading stuff and gets me in trouble in the long run.  When you first sign up with a company you should find out the following.

  1. What is the payment threshold?
  2. What is their payment schedule? Net 30, Net 90 etc.
  3. Will my advertising for them interfere with another obligation or contract?
  4. Do they have any offers that fit the content of my blog?  In other words will the readers enjoy the ads or be annoyed.

Most of the companies you will want to sign up for are called affiliate companies.  These companies will pay you for graphic and text ads.  All campaigns run differently and at different prices.  You can be paid per click or  per conversion (when some one completes a task or purchase).  Payments can be flat amounts or percentages.  When I say percentages I’m not talking 20%, 50%, 70% etc. I mean you could be paid as little as 1%.  Like I said before READ what your doing!

Some readers will say “Ugh you make money just by me clicking something?”  Yes that’s right I made $0.10 when you clicked that.  You only make the “bigger bucks” when something results in a conversion.  This means the clicker had to complete a form, purchase a product, etc.  Something more than a simple one click was required.  I’ve scene these have flat rates of  over $200.

Now what you’ve been waiting for, the affiliate companies links.  The ones I have listed below are ones that I have been pleased with over the past 2 years.  Yes I tried others but these are the ones I am most  happy with.

  1. Escalate Media
  2. Commission Junction
  3. My Savings Media
  4. Google Adsense
In another segment we will talk about how to maximize your affiliate ads.

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