Blogging 101: Getting Started – First 3 Steps


Blogging 101: Getting Started – First 3 Steps

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When most people start blogging they do it as an outlet, something for fun, a way to share ideas about a passion they have etc.  Usually people don’t start a blog with the goal or even knowledge of making money.  Most people also don’t want the “hobby” to cost them a whole lot.  I know for me all of the above was true.

The first decision you must make is what program are you going to use to run your blog.  The two mos common are Blogger and WordPress.  There are actually (2) types of WordPress blogs; WP Hosted and Self Hosted.  When a blog is self hosted the blogs owner has more control over how things are ran.  Blogger is ran by Google so if Google decides that something on your blog looks spammy they can shut you down, no questions asked and no going back. Everything will be lost and your time wasted.

Hosting plans can be purchased for under $5 a month.  We spend more than that one coffee or fast food.  I only recommend using WP Self Hosted.

Now that you’ve decided to go with WP Self Hosted you will need to pick a hosting company and purchase a plan.  I personally use GoDaddy.  I have had them for almost 2 years now.   I like using them b/c they are the same company I purchase my domain names through.  Everything is in one location and I have the chance to save more when I bundle things together and renew early.  Below are a few more hosting companies that I know other bloggers have had success with.

Next you will need to decide the name for your domain.  Yes sometimes people actually come up with this first and then spin off of it. In my experience over 1/2 of the domain ideas I’ve had were already taken.  You can easily check domain availability through GoDaddy.  Once you find the URL that works best for you simply ad it to your cat and proceed to check out.

When picking your name it should be all of the following:

  1. The same as your blogs name. 
    Sounds elementary but you would be surprised how many blogs don’t match their URL.
  2. Easily remembered. 
    In other words the shorter the better.  If you have a cooking blog and you want to call it “Granny’s Homemade Mouth Watering Recipes” try shortening to “Granny’s Kitchen” or “Granny’s Home Cooking”
  3. Stick with .com’s as well. 
    Most people assume .com so it’s just easiest to go that route.

Once you’ve made these 3 decisions we can move forward and learn how to monetize, and personalize your blog.  Oh sista, (or brother) sit back because the fun has just begun!

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