Blogging 101: Chosing Your Design Theme


Blogging 101: Chosing Your Design Theme

Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Choosing your design theme can be just as important as choosing the hosting company.  You want your readers to be able to access your blog fast. If you have a slow server your blog loads slow.  If you have a pour theme it will slow things down too.  The longer readers have to wait on your site to load the more likely they are to click off or simply stop visiting all together.

You also want a theme that will help increase your SEO. (Search Engine Optimization).  Why not have a theme that will work for you, right? You want people that are “Googleing” a subject that pertains to your blog, to find you first.  The more people that find, and like, your blog the larger readership you will have.

So if you’re loading fast, being found fast what else is there?  Endless options and control.  A lot of themes out there will tell you basically, this theme has X number of columns in this specific order, a customizable header and that’s about  it.  With the theme that I, and most successful bloggers, use you will be able to control much more than that.

Let me introduce you to Thesis Theme.  With this small investment you will be able to control pretty much every design aspect there is.  You can change the layout, colors, positions of everything, SEO keywords, header, navigation bar, footer, sidebars, etc.  What do I mean by investment?  Like with paying for hosting and your domain name, you are investing into the success of your blog.  I blogged for over a year before I learned of Thesis and it’s benefits.  The price tag was a bit of a shocker but I promise you it’s been worth every penny.

The package you will probably be most interested in is the Personal Option.  Here area the specs.

Personal Option $87

  • Use of Thesis on one live website and one localized development server
  • Access to the Developer’s Option Upgrade for only $77
  • Access to members-only Answers and Forums
  • Lifetime Thesis upgrades
  • 30-day money back guarantee


If you will be running multiple blogs or think you may want to in the future then you’ll want to check out the Developer’s Option.  After using Thesis for quite some time and coming up with more blog ideas, I’m really wishing I had purchased the Developer’s Option.

Developer’s Option $164

For less than the price of two Personal Options, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited use of Thesis on sites that you own
  • Access to all-new beta versions of Thesis before final release!
  • Access to Client Site Options, which allow you to deploy Thesis on sites for clients
  • Access to members-only Answers and Forums
  • Lifetime Thesis upgrades
  • 30-day money back guarantee



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January 26, 2012 @ 13:51

Hi there! You might have covered this already but here it goes: do you always need a host? And do you recommend software pkg rather than the free blog on

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