BLACK FRIDAY: Walmart Price Matching

November 21, 2011

I have received several questions reguarding price matching at Walmart on Black Friday.  Here is the jist of it.

Can you price match on Black Friday?


Do you have to take the printed ad?

No but I STRONGLY recommend it.

Can you price match door busters, time sensitive items etc?

YES. BUT you MUST purchase during the competitors specified time.

What are the specifics for price matching?

You must getting the exact item listed. i.e. Size, brand, quanity, series, flavor, whatever. Has to be exactly the same.

What if I’m in the sticks and Walmart is my closest store, can I still price match store that are farther away?

YES.   Here’s the deal with that. If you received the ad for a competitor in that areas main newspaper, Walmart considers that local.  HOWEVER, we all know that some cashiers and managers can get argumentative.  SO, I recommend calling ahead if you have any doubts about a stores ad being considered for price matching.  It’s also aways a good item to get the managers name that you spoke to.

Will you be price matching at Walmart this year?

Possibly. If I do I will definitely share my experience.


If you still have questions on this or anything Walmart related please visit I Heart the Mart.

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John Denson

I was at walnart and was able to get them to price match HEB on Borad games for $3 a piece, hot wheels(10pk) for $5 a piece and a lego set for 15.99(normally 29.99). The cashier were cool and I didn’t even have too long aline since I went around 2am. Great expiereince overall. Its my first time black friday shopping ever and I’m 33!!!

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