Best Undiscovered Apps for iPhone or Android

July 28, 2013

iphoneappdessertTruly great but undiscovered apps for iPhone or Droid. Is there an app on your phone that you’re obsessed with but hardly anyone you know has it on theirs? Here is a list of my favorite undiscovered apps:

Where’s my droid!! If you lose your phone, you have a code word set and have someone text you that word. It turns it off silent, lights it up and makes it ring for 5 mins! It’s amazing! Where’s My Droid. Can ring your phone and bring flash even if ringer is set to offer vibrate, get GPS location of your phone, take a picture with front or back camera and send it back to you in MMS, or in extreme case, wipe all phone and SD card data. And all functions are activated by just sending a text message with the command phrase from ANY other phone.

Vibrating Bluetooth bracelets for you and your kids to wear at busy places like the zoo or church or something. Can have a GPS tracker app that goes with your cell phone… They vibrate and glow like the restaurant coasters when you get a certain distance away ( like 5-10 feet) and when they vibrate your kid will know the come back closer. GENIUS or what?!?! Say no to the child leash thing and YES to awesome bracelets!

RunPee! Best times to go run pee during the movie at the theater so that you don’t miss major plot points. It even summarizes what you missed during the pee time! Very useful after you down that gigantic Icee! It’s so clever!

Mama bear app. Helps keep track of your kids. Tells u where their at if there somewhere u have restricted them from if there not where their suppose to be if they are speeding. Also allows them to hit a button on the phone and it notifies you they need help or for u to come get them at a particular address.

RepairPal!! I love that app! Especially for women. You know when you need a car repair, and they ALWAYS try to highball you? Then you NEED this app. It gives you a legitimate ballpark figure on what the repair *should* cost, labor & all, so you don’t get screwed at the shop!

ArtKive is awesome if you have kids. It stores your kids art by school year with description and allows you to create a photo book eliminat

Key Ring, scan all those discount cards you keep on your key ring.

Mosquito repellent!!! Does exactly that…emits a high frequency sound that repells bugs!

Charity Miles! You pick a charity & it donates a certain amount if $ to that charity depending on how much you walked or ran that day!

SMS Faces, I use it ALL THE TIME for responses to txts that need more than an emoji.

Shop kick. You open the app when you walk in a store (I mostly go into target) and you get points. You can use the points for gift cards. All for FREE!!

Yard Sale Mapper – maps all the yard sales in a 30 mile radius that have been advertised on Craigslist. You can even map a route for the day! I love me some yard sales

TvFoodmaps. Restaurants featured in most TV food channels/shows such as: Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Man vs. Foood, etc. Pretty cool on a road trip.

Pink Nation – free things from Victoria’s Secret

Geocaching! It’s a freaking treasure map on your phone!

Fooducate! Scan the bar codes on the back of food items and it gives the food a grade, tells you about any artificial ingredients it may have, and offers alternative and better choices!

Lose It! I have lost 5 lbs in one week on this app! You put in your wieght, height, and how much you want to lose over a certain period of time. The app then tells you how many calories you can have per day. You enter your meals (you can even scan the barcode and it will give you information) and your exercises (who knew weeding the garden burned so many calories!) and it tells you how many calories you have left. I got to where I had 300 under budget for t

Out of milk! “I love the sharing feature so if my husband goes to the store he can see my list that ive made from at home standing in front of the fridge/pantry”

Goodrx. Can get Rx meds cheap w/o insurance w/this app.

Retailmenot (retail me not) it has updated coupons or store near you as well as online, store can scan the coupon right off your smart phone

IMDb. For everything tv and movies. You can pull up an actor and it will show you everything they’ve ever been in. Or a movie and it will show everyone that is in it. And trivia about filming the movie. Great for when you are arguing with your spouse about “who’s that one guy in that one movie”. Lol. I use it very day

Duolingo. Learn a friggin foreign language already! For free too!

Mr. Number. It allows you to choose numbers to block from calling and texting you. You can then check the app later to see what was blocked throughout the day. It also allows you to choose if when blocked your phone hangs up or if the caller can still leave a message. Awesome when you cant get someone to stop calling you especially creditors!

Whisper. It’s a social media app that allows u to share secrets with out anyone knowing who u are. It’s a public secret place

Trail Mix–it automatically adjusts the tempo of your music to your running/walking pace! Great motivator to keep moving!

Cozi – every member of the family needs this! Put your shopping list in and anybody who has access to the family can add to it or use it to shop.

Current Caller ID This app will show the name and location of people/businesses that call you! It will also identify people that text you when you don’t have the person’s number!

Toddler lock. It’s an interactive drawing pad for kids that locks your phone so they can’t make calls or mess up your phone.

Houzz.. like a pinterest but things inside the photos you can look at, see prices, paint colors, etc. you can also search by city and only pictures that were taken in that city will show up.

I period, period tracker tells you when you are about to start and when you are ovulating! Also, P tracker. Tracks your periods and tells you when you’re fertile. You can note all types of stuff about your period and it calculates when your cycle will come. It’s great for chicks! Also try Pink pad, similar concept, more discrete, can set reminders to do healthy stuff, like drink more water. Also can write down symptoms, so if you get really bloated, or agitated and want to bring it up to a doctor, it is tracked daily.

Vyclone is awesome! It’s for iOS. It takes the videos you and your friends make of the same event and edits them into one using a bunch of different angles.

Gas buddy. Everyone knows about it but for whatever reason don’t have it on their phone. I personally cannot live without it. Great for all these summer vacations.

Über. It’s an automatic taxi-calling app that stores your payment info and your home address, getting you home safely! Probably one of my favorite apps because it keeps you from having to deal with taxi’s who are normally just out to rip you off!

SnapChat for iPhone and Android. Send videos and or photos via text for viewing 10 seconds or less and the recipient can never see it again! Great teaser for couples! Or just fun with friends!

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