ATTN: Commissary Shoppers!

There has been a new exciting change in the AAFES coupon policy!They will now be accepting  internet AND mobile coupons at all AAFES locations!

AAFES will accept 1 AAFES coupon and 1 manufacturer’s online/email or text message coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.

The following elements must be present for the coupon to be valid:

  1. The words “Manufacturer Coupon”
  2. A message to the retailer specifying the terms and conditions for accepting the coupons
  3. A scan-able bar code and an expiration date
  4. A manufacturer redemption address to ensure the coupon can be processed for payment
  5. Usage policies in small print containing standard terminology, such as “limit one coupon per item, per customer” and “no copies permitted”
  6. A specially stated face value (i.e. $0.50 off)

In situations where the coupon’s value is greater than the sell price of the designated item, the item’s sell price becomes the face value of the coupon. Our cash registers are programmed to only take the value of that item, regardless if the coupon is more than the item itself.

Go here to view the policy for yourself.

Thanks Alaska Deal Diva!

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I am so excited about this! Wish I knew this over the last weekend! Argue with me now cashier lady….I will own the commissary….


Thanks for the info!

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