And the winners are…

Congratulations to all my fabulous readers! Remember you have 48hrs to respond. Stayed tuned for more awesome giveaways coming later this week!

Conserving Now Reusable Bags:

#13: Betsy Knight

Mama Bears Signs:

#8 michgal18

#16 Christine

#3 Bess

# 12 Chanae Landeen

#19 Lori

$50 Safeway Gift Card:

#324 R Hicks

Udder Covers:

#26 Christine

#5 Cathy

#9 lw

Ityse Reusable Bags:

#63 Amanda M.

YoBaby 3-in-1 Coupons:

#5 Betsy Knight

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i just wanted to let you know that i recieved my udder cover today.thank you for your help!


i still have not recieved my udder cover. i emailed lw and she said she has not recieved hers either. Is there a way to find out what happened since it has been over a month now?


You have such a cute blog! It was recommended by 1StopMom at POM’s Connect MEme Monday!


Thanks so much…I look forward to getting your email! 🙂


I usually give everyone a bit to see if they find out my reading it on the site or by my email. I will email everyone in the morning requesting mailing addresses and such. Thanks so much for visiting my site!


quick question, since i won one of the udder covers, am i suppose to email you or are you going to email me? sorry, this is my first time winning and i wanted to make sure 🙂

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