2012: Blessed Beyond Measure

Before I starting blogging I never really made goals for myself.  Sure we all get on the same wagons of “I’d love to drop a few pounds and save some more money.”  Since I turned my blogging hobby into a SAH business, I find myself needing to set goals.  How can we improve if there isn’t anything to base it off of right?

So last year my main focus was to incorporate more organic deals and attend a blogging conference.  It took me most of the year to get it in gear but I did do it.  Yes they were small goals but they were realistic non-the-less. Attending the conference and joining a local blogging group has been a real eye opener for me.  Thus bringing my new outlook on where my blog needs to go.

Based on your completion of my 2011 Feedback Survey you will be seeing changes in the following.

  • More frugal living tips
  • quick, easy, family friendly recipes
  • blogging trial and error series
  • ways to make money from home, and more.

*If you ever have a suggestion, praise or complaint feel free to share them via email.

My Blogging Goal To Do List:

  • Attend Savvy Summit 2012 – Seek Sponsorship
  • Become better organized – series planning.
  • Bring on experience hungry interns driven by the same goals and value.
  • Become a brand ambassador for (2) companies. – Already in the works just needed to complete.
  • Hire on at least a part time assistant.
  • Become blessed beyond measure: via finances, networking relationships, knowledge etc
  • Increase readership – pretty much a never ending goal.




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I would love to hire a personal assistant too. Not only to help me out, but to help out someone else as well.

Frugal Flamingo

These are wonderful goals for your blog!! My goal is just to maintain my consistency in writing and posting every day. Ha. High goals I have:) Amazing how hard that goal can be . You can tell you’ve been in lots of hard work here…inspiring..thanks:)

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