Coupon Binder Tote Giveaway: CLOSED

A Just 4 U Design has very generously allowed me to host a giveaway for her awesome Binder Totes! Michelle runs an Etsy shop where she sells the cutest little binder covers.  These totes are the perfect fit for your coupon binders!
Brown Paisley with Pink/lime dotted Binder Cover/Tote
Brown Paisley with Pink/lime dotted Binder Cover/Tote Brown Paisley with Pink/lime dotted Binder Cover/Tote Brown Paisley with Pink/lime dotted Binder Cover/Tote

How great are these? There are places to put your pens, calculator, coupons redeemed at that shopping trip etc.  Best yet you get to securely close it all up and carry on your shoulder!  How handy is that?  This is perfect for the moms with little ones.

I know you’ve all heard me make reference about having to tote my toddler, reusable bags, purse, binder and all my other paraphernalia with my into the store.  Look at this though, it’s just so simple to slip on your shoulder and go!  Who wouldn’t want one?

Even if you don’t use it for coupons it would be so handy for other binder uses. This Binder Tote will hold up to a 3″ 3 ring binder.  Maybe you could use it for school, bible study, work…. Endless possibilities with this awesome invention!

The winner of this super giveaway will receive a Coupon Binder Tote of their choice from A Just 4 U Design’s Etsy Shop


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